CM Quality Assurance Process

The AICP Commission is committed to providing APA's certified members with the highest quality of educational offerings through its Certification Maintenance program. Policies and guidelines for CM providers that are outlined in the CM Provider Toolkit help achieve that goal. It is essential that every provider thoroughly review these policies and guidelines. APA monitors compliance during the Provider Periodic Review.

CM Provider Periodic Review Process

APA recognizes the importance of our relationships with educational providers. Our efforts to maintain CM standards are meant to be supportive and helpful, not punitive.

All CM providers undergo the following review process prior to the conclusion of their approval period:

1. AICP notifies the CM provider of the upcoming review approximately six months prior to the conclusion of provider's approval period, with instructions to renew the provider application and submit documentation.

2. APA staff will evaluate the provider application renewal based on:

a. Provider renewal application: Questions on the renewal application will be similar to those on the initial provider application. Providers will be asked to use examples from activities within their most recent approval period

b. Supporting documentation: Providers will be asked to submit an example of a participant's evaluation of an event or activity that occurred during the most recent approval period

c. Member ratings of all events: Providers must report the total average rating by attendees that logged CM credits for events and activities held within the most recent approval period

3. During the evaluation, APA staff will determine whether or not the provider's approval should be renewed and the length of the next approval period.

4. With an approved review, APA will email provider the outcome of the review via email with a link to renew the next calendar year registration.

5. If needed, APA staff will request a meeting with the provider administrator(s) to discuss the results of the review and provide coaching.

CM Periodic Review Schedule

How long have you been a registered CM provider? Periodic reviews will normally occur
2 years or less Every 2 years
3–4 years Every 3 years
Five or more years Every 4 years

Noncompliance with CM Provider Commitments

APA will take the following steps if a periodic review reveals that a provider fails to comply with the CM eligibility criteria and policies outlined in the CM Provider Toolkit.

  • First time not following provider commitments: Coaching by APA staff
  • Second time not following provider commitments: Placed on a 30-day holding period during which the provider may not renew or post events.
  • A CM provider that has been on a 30-day holding period and continues noncompliance with CM provider commitments will be removed as an approved provider for a period of one calendar year until successful completion of a provider application.

Occasionally, APA staff is alerted when the content or delivery of a CM event does not meet CM eligibility criteria or conflicts with CM policies. In such instances, APA staff will contact the CM provider administrator(s) by phone or email. The conversation will cover:

  1. The reason for the call
  2. Education: APA staff will propose a meeting with the provider to review the CM Provider Toolkit
  3. Session reviews: APA staff will review the next three events entered for CM credits prior to their posting to the APA website
  4. Accelerated periodic review: Will occur one year earlier than normally required. (See periodic review schedule above.)


Please direct questions about CM Provider Periodic Review to Alisa Moore at or 202-349-1007.