How to Become a CM Provider

To become a CM provider, your organization must:

  1. Provide or plan to provide advanced-level educational activities or products for professional planners;
  2. Submit a completed online application. Search for your organization in our database, either by linking to an existing provider account or creating a new account. Determine your type of organization.
    Read more about organization types.
    Note: you will need your organization's Tax ID to verify your provider type (nonprofit, college/university, government, private firm/other). Nonprofits are classified as 501(c)(1) to 501(c)(28).
  3. Be approved by AICP
  4. Select and purchase an annual payment plan.
    If paying by credit card, you may immediately begin entering and publishing events for CM credit. If paying by mail-in (check, etc.) you may begin entering and publishing events for CM credit when APA has received and processed your payment.

The provider annual payment plans (per-credit and unlimited) are non-refundable. A per-credit plan may be upgraded to an unlimited plan at any time throughout the calendar year. Be aware that if you upgrade later to an annual unlimited plan, APA will neither refund your previous per-credit purchases nor apply them to the price of the upgrade.

Start Your Application


Should you have any further questions, please contact us using our customer service form.