When entering your CM event, be sure to select the appropriate event type:

Single Event

A single event is a Live in Person or Live Online event held once on a specific date. Single events include workshops, lectures, symposiums, or webinars and webcasts. The participants and instructor participate simultaneously, and participants cannot choose among multiple activities. All participants at a single event attend the same activities and earn the same number of credits.

Multi-Part Event

A multi-part event is a live event with multiple activities, such as a conference with many sessions or multiple registration options. Because participants at a multi-part event choose among activities, individual participants may earn different numbers of credits.

Note: If you choose this type, you will be asked to enter information for each of the individual activities for which you would like to offer CM credit. The event will appear once on the CM Search webpage; the individual activities will appear within the event's detail page.

On Demand Education

Providers may seek CM credit for recorded educational products. These recorded products for CM credit offer the flexibility of quality training anytime, anywhere. The provider must include a link to the materials (i.e. PowerPoint, PDF, survey, etc.) for this CM eligible product. APA does not post materials or recordings on its website for registered providers.