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Since our founding in 1982, Kendig Keast Collaborative (KKC) has provided professional services in comprehensive and strategic planning, zoning and land development regulations, growth management and resource protection, and related specialties, for hundreds of U.S. communities: small villages, mid-sized towns, suburban cities, metropolitan areas, and both rural and urbanizing counties. Encompassing the principle of development that is in context with its built and natural environments, KKC's approach is grounded in meaningful public participation, clear understanding of planning issues and implementation options, and a direct linkage between plans and ordinances to ensure they are politically feasible and implementable.

KKC is a leading innovator in advancing strategies to define, protect, and enhance valued community character traits. More than just aesthetics, architecture, and design, community character is the relative mix of buildings, pervious and impervious surfaces, open space and landscaping. These shape development character, which in turn, influences land use compatibility, urban design, means of mobility, and environmental sustainability, among other variables. Their balance affects the economics, function, ecology and experience of a place. Tying plans together with community character ensures all planning decisions support a community's articulated vision.

We are proud of providing clients with highly customized and responsive approaches to challenging community planning issues, resulting in innovative yet viable solutions that have merited both state and national recognition. We are most proud, though, of the positive impacts that our projects continue to have in guiding good land stewardship, conserving resources, preserving community character, safeguarding neighborhood integrity, and ensuring fiscally responsible growth.

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Regions Served
Midwest   •   Northeast   •   Southeast   •   Southwest   •   West
Planning Specialties
Comprehensive, Master or Long-Range Planning   •   Downtowns and Main Streets   •   Economic Development and Revitalization   •   Historic or Cultural Resources Preservation   •   Land-Use and Development Regulation and Zoning   •   Parks, Open Space, and Recreation Planning   •   Streetscape/Corridor Improvements and Beautification   •   Visioning and Placemaking
Services Offered
Code Writing   •   Community Engagement   •   On-Call Planning Services   •   Plan Creation or Updates   •   Project Management   •   Research and Analysis   •   Technology Services   •   Urban Design Services   •   Zoning Administration/Development Services