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About Shockey Consulting

Shockey Consulting provides award-winning management, planning and public participation services to federal, regional, state and local governments from our offices in the Kansas City and St. Louis regions.

We do things a little differently at Shockey. First, we work to be the kind of partner we always dreamed of when we sat in your seat — collaborative, committed and creative. The kind of partner who digs in on day one. The kind who wouldn't dream of delivering a cookie-cutter plan because we know — really know — that your needs are uniquely yours.

Second, we understand that engaging stakeholders is timely, costly and absolutely critical. This is no time for a check-the-box approach. We've developed innovative and highly interactive processes that prioritize inclusivity and lead to real consensus and lasting change. We don't flinch here. We foster meaningful talks with the entire community so you can create understanding, buy in and actionable plans.

We also know that developing a plan is only part of the process. The real work is in the follow through. Any firm can create a plan and leave. That's not us. We deliver clear plans in a compelling way — and then we help see them through. Together.

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Regions Served
Planning Specialties
Community or Neighborhood Development   •   Comprehensive, Master or Long-Range Planning   •   Downtowns and Main Streets   •   Feasibility Studies   •   Fiscal Impact Analysis   •   Housing Policy, Design, or Implementation   •   Land-Use and Development Regulation and Zoning   •   Management, Budgeting, or Finance   •   Mixed-Use Development Planning   •   Parks, Open Space, and Recreation Planning   •   Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure/Active Transportation   •   Streetscape/Corridor Improvements and Beautification
Services Offered
Community Engagement   •   On-Call Planning Services   •   Plan Creation or Updates   •   Research and Analysis   •   Urban Design Services
Business Certification
Women Owned