Zoning Code Overhaul

City of Wausau

Wausau, WI

The full RFP can be found at this link. A summary is below.


This Request for Proposals (RFP) seeks a qualified firm to conduct a major update to the city's zoning code – Chapter 23 of the Wausau Municipal Code. The existing zoning code was adopted in 1967, but has undergone periodic updates since then. The proposed scope of work is to overhaul the zoning code – basing it on the city's most recent Comprehensive Plan (2017). The current zoning code is a typical Euclidian code, with emphasis on separation of land uses and controlling density. The update to the zoning code would take an in depth analysis of the code and modernize it to fit the goals and objectives of the city's comprehensive plan. Some overarching goals for the update to the zoning code are to:

  • Make the code easier to understand and administer
  • Allow for greater flexibility in urban infill development
  • Introduce form-based concepts in certain areas
  • Integrate the city's urban design standards into the zoning code
  • Allow for a greater mix of compatible land uses
  • Particular topic areas to address in the update include, but are not limited to:
  • Sign zoning – bring regulations up to date with most recent case law
  • Off-street parking – explore modern concepts such as reducing minimums, introducing maximums, and the inclusion of bicycle parking Subdivision ordinance – integrate with zoning ordinance
  • Landscaping and green infrastructure – adopt more progressive regulations
  • Permitted and conditional uses – update and simplify


The consultant will be expected to work closely with city staff on a public process for implementing a new zoning code. This will involve facilitation of public meetings in addition to working meetings with city staff and/or key stakeholders. The exact number of meetings, as well as deliverables, timelines, etc. will be developed with city staff and may be altered during the process. The overall scope of work, at a minimum, is anticipated to include the following:

  • Thorough review of current zoning and related ordinances
  • Development of enforceable zoning regulations in relation to the city's comprehensive plan
  • Public involvement including in-person meetings, city committees, and online outreach
  • Draft documents, including the new zoning code, plus supporting documents such as a summary of amendments
  • Legal consultation for new regulations Generation of final draft code, maps, graphics, and supporting documents
  • Assistance with adoption of final code through city committees and Common Council

Request Type
Friday, March 9, 2018