Comprehensive Plan

Town of Kennebunkport

Kennebunkport, ME

The Town of Kennebunkport seeks the services of a qualified planning consultant to work with and assist the Growth Planning Committee in preparing a comprehensive review, rewrite and update to Kennebunkport’s Comprehensive Plan. The current Plan, adopted in 2012, will be nearing the end of its consistency timeframe with the Maine Growth Management Act. The update of the 2012 Comprehensive Plan would address new and future planning issues and result in a plan consistent with the Growth Management Act of the State of Maine. The plan will guide future growth, redevelopment, zoning changes and support many grant proposals.

The Comprehensive Plan (“Plan”) is the foundation for determining effective public policy, master planning, and land use decisions for the future, and will provide an ongoing framework for informed and directed development. The Plan shall include goals, objectives, and strategies and utilize maps, graphs, and other imagery tools to analyze, assess, and recommend best practices for values-based planning, economic development, housing, infrastructure, and other improvements. The responsibility of the plan is to reflect and respond to the priorities, values, and requirements of Kennebunkport residents, safeguarding the town’s history, community character, environmental resources, while stimulating the conditions for short- and long-term needs and desires for the town.

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