Decommissioned Electric Plant Adaptive Reuse

City of Stillwater

Stillwater, OK

Request for Proposals (RFP)

Adaptive Reuse of Boomer Lake Station (BLS)

Contact Information

Responses to this RFP and written questions should be directed to:

Patti Osmus
Office of the City Manager
723 S. Lewis, Stillwater, OK 74074
(405) 742-8209

All responses are to be submitted electronically either by email or hyperlink.

Responses are due by August 23, 2019, 5:00 PM CST.

Questions regarding this solicitation must be submitted in writing to the email address above. The City will not respond to telephone requests for information. Questions and answers will be posted on the project webpage: each Monday. The deadline for written questions is August 16, 2019, 5:00 PM CST.


The City of Stillwater, Oklahoma invites the submission of proposals for the adaptive reuse of its retired Electric Generation Facility, Boomer Lake Station (BLS).

There are numerous examples of adaptive reuse of decommissioned power plants across the United States and around the world (see link): Adaptive Reuse of Power plants. The purpose of this solicitation is to redevelop Boomer Lake Station and the surrounding property in a manner similar to these projects.


Stillwater is located in north central Oklahoma, 20 miles east of I-35, one hour from Oklahoma City and Tulsa and one and a half hours from Wichita, Kansas. It is a vibrant city of approximately 50,000 residents, and the regional shopping, dining and recreational hub. Numerous community events and activities are hosted annually, including festivals, concerts, cultural exhibits, musical performances, athletic events, and marathons.

Stillwater is also home to Oklahoma State University (OSU), a comprehensive public university with an enrollment of 25,000 students. Everyone in Stillwater is proud of OSU and the color orange is incorporated into store signage, advertisements, and clothing throughout the town. Stillwater's population virtually doubles for every OSU home football game, with America's largest homecoming celebration being its biggest weekend. This fall, OSU will christen the McKnight Center, a state-of-the art performing arts venue that will solidify Stillwater's standing as one of the cultural centers of the state.

Boomer Lake Park

Boomer Lake Park, featuring 251 acre Boomer Lake is Stillwater's premier park. Boomer Lake Park offers miles of paved walking and biking trails, a splash pad, playgrounds, fishing, kayaking, boating, and many special events including the Boomer Blast Fourth of July Fireworks.

Property Overview

Boomer Lake Station is located on the southwest corner of Boomer Lake Park, near the intersection of Boomer and Lakeview Roads. It is a decommissioned steam turbine power plant that was originally constructed in 1956. The plant operated until replaced by the new Stillwater Energy Center in 2017.

Boomer Lake Station and the adjoining properties may be accessed on the west from Boomer Road and from the north on Lakeview Road. Both streets are four-lane arterials that daily carry significant automobile traffic from north and east Stillwater to the Downtown business district and the OSU Main Campus.

The development parcel consists of three tracts (see map on the following page): Tract "A" is approximately 3.8 acres in size and consists of the Power Generation Building superstructure, a garage building, a shop building, and several smaller outbuildings. Tracts "B" and "C" are vacant lots abutting Boomer Road acquired by the City over the past ten years through various transactions. The combined area of Tracts "B" and "C" is 1.09 acres. The dominant feature of the development parcel is the Power Generation Building. The skin of this building is stainless steel. The interior is filled with vintage power generation equipment still in operational condition. The building underwent various renovations during the 1990's. Most of the asbestos was removed during these renovations (the Unit 2 boiler has the only remaining asbestos and it is encased). No tests have found the presence lead-based paint.

The square footage breakdown of the primary Tract "A" buildings is as follows:

  • Power Generation Building: 18,761 total square feet (3 floors)
  • Shop Building: 1,932 total square feet
  • Garage Building: 2,430 total square feet

Tract "A" also contains three emergency diesel generators which must remain on-site. A detailed site survey of the Boomer Lake Station property is found at this link: Boomer Lake Station Survey

Development Requirements and Restrictions

Boomer Lake Station is a Stillwater landmark. Because it is one of a handful of municipal power generation facilities in the state, it is also historically significant. The City of Stillwater deems it essential that any redevelopment of the Boomer Lake Station site retain the Power Generation Building and visible generation equipment largely intact. Accordingly, any response to this solicitation must incorporate the following requirements and restrictions.

The response shall propose an adaptive reuse of the Power Generation Building and visible generation equipment that keeps said structure and apparatus largely intact for a period of twenty (20) years. It must identify any significant alterations to the Power Generation Building structure and any equipment that will be removed to accommodate the proposed reuse. The remaining buildings on tract "A" may be demolished and removed.

The response shall include a planned development of retail, hospitality, and entertainment venues that blend with and take advantage of the close proximity of the parcels to Boomer Lake Park. Proposal of a "mixed use" development that incorporates some residential use is acceptable, but the primary use of the development parcel shall be sales-tax generating commercial venues.

The City will consider sale or long-term lease of the development parcels. All three tracts will be sold together as one parcel. The City will not consider dividing up the parcel.

Development Incentives

The development parcel is eligible for New Market Tax Credits and is located within a Federal Opportunity Zone. Other development incentives such as tax increment financing, sales tax rebates, assistance with public improvements and utility relocation, waiver or reduction of development and permit fees may be available to assist with the redevelopment of this parcel depending upon the proposal.

Additional Documents Available

Boomer Lake Station Phase I Environmental Assessment

Asbestos and Lead Paint Reports

Boomer Lake Station Original Plans


Event Date
Deadline for Written Questions August 16, 2019 5:00 PM CST
Proposals Due August 23, 2019 5:00 PM CST
Evaluation of Proposals August 26-30, 2019
Interview of Selected Firms September, 2019
Final Selection and Negotiation September, 2019
City Council Consideration October, 2019

Response Components Required

Conceptual Proposal

  • A conceptual narrative that describes in detail the proposed reuse.
    • Use of the building(s).
    • Use of the surrounding property.
    • Description of proposed renovations.
    • Compatibility and interaction with Boomer Lake Park, the surrounding area, and the benefits to the community as a whole.
    • Estimated timeline for completion of the development proposal.
  • Drawings, renderings and sketches of the conceptual proposal.


  • Proposed purchase or lease price of the development parcel.
  • Requested development incentives.
  • Statement of financial capacity and ability of the respondent to finance and operate the proposed adaptive reuse project, to include at minimum:
    • Capital expenditures.
    • Operating expenses.
    • Market analysis.
    • Business plan.
    • Revenue projections.
    • Financing.


The response shall include resumes for the core development team members and three (3) references for the lead respondent or entity. At least one (1) reference shall describe respondent's ability to support the project financially during the planning, approval, and construction phases of the project as well as the long-term funding of operations.

Evaluation Criteria

Factors to be considered in evaluation of responses to this solicitation are as follows:

  • Proposed use of the building and grounds for retail, hospitality, entertainment, and other sales tax generating uses. This will be a primary factor in the City's decision.
  • Nature and extent of alterations to the Power Generation Building and visible equipment; use or removal of secondary and out buildings.
  • The amount offered for purchase or lease of the development parcel.
  • Demonstrated financial capacity to develop, maintain, and operate the proposed development in a manner consistent with the proposed use, and in the best interests of the community.
  • Development incentives requested in the response.
  • Compatibility with Boomer Lake Park. Proposals that take advantage of the natural and recreational opportunities and blend well with the park facilities will be favored.
  • References.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTAL: August 23, 2019, 5:00 PM CST

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Friday, August 23, 2019