Disaster Recovery Technical Assistance Opportunity

American Planning Association

Chicago, IL

APA is currently seeking project proposals from communities interested in receiving technical assistance for disaster recovery activities. One community will be selected to receive specialized technical assistance from a Recovery Planning Assistance Team (RPAT), a subsection of APA's Community Planning Assistance Teams (CPAT) program, that brings experienced volunteer planners to disaster-affected communities. All logistical expenses are funded.

Project Purpose

APA recognizes the growing need for communities to plan for increased resilience and strives to find ways to meet that demand. This APA opportunity, funded through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, will be used to evaluate and test a Disaster Recovery Guidebook for Planning Practitioners that will be used by communities nationwide to recover from catastrophic and major disasters using local planning tools, like the comprehensive and hazard mitigation plan.

Background Information

APA will select one community to work with a multi-disciplinary team on a community-selected project that results in future risk reduction to multi-hazards. The opportunity includes the time and multidisciplinary expertise of four to five volunteers selected for the specific needs of the community’s project. All logistical (travel and other project-related) expenses will be funded through this opportunity.

An APA project manager will coordinate efforts with a community primary point of contact who will be required to organize local stakeholders and other aspects of the project as needed. The project includes two site visits. The volunteer team leader and APA project manager will conduct a preliminary visit (one to two days). The second and final visit will include the full team of volunteers and APA project manager (four to five days). Following the full team visit, the project team will prepare a final report with all analyses, recommendations, designs, and implementation strategies, completed as a final deliverable through the professional publication services of APA.

Who Can Apply?

  • Local government (city or county)
  • Local nonprofit organization

The applicant must designate and commit the time of the primary point of contact for the project.

If you are unsure whether your entity or organization is eligible to apply, please email CPAT@planning.org.

Criteria for Proposed RPAT Projects

  • Recovery. The project must seek to reduce long-term risk to hazards and pre-or post-disaster recovery must play a role in the project.
  • Scope of Work. The scope of work must be manageable for a team within the timeframe allowed. Please see past CPAT projects for examples.
  • Point of Contact. The primary contact must have the time and resources to coordinate local stakeholders and other project-related tasks.

How to Apply

Proposals can be submitted using the online application. However, applicants may also send additional information (documents, maps, etc.) to provide more context. APA will follow up with the applicant for additional information and questions regarding the project.


The RFP is open until a project of quality is identified and selected. All projects must occur in 2020. APA will review applications as they are received and select three quality projects from the pool of proposals within the first two months of 2020.


More information on the CPAT program is available on the APA website: https://www.planning.org/communityassistance/teams/.

Please email CPAT@planning.org for any inquiries regarding this grant opportunity.

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Friday, February 28, 2020

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