Bus on Shoulder Study

NC Capital Area MPO

Raleigh, NC

The North Carolina Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) is seeking guidance on developing recommendations for applicability of Bus on Shoulder (BOS) operations in the Triangle area.  CAMPO is inviting professional consultants who are experienced in transit bus lanes assessment and analysis to submit project proposals to develop a BOS evaluation tool for determining which major corridors in the Triangle area could benefit from implementing BOS operations, and prioritization metrics to suggest implementation priorities in the region. Recommendations for this evaluation tool should be scalable and fit for use in other regions of North Carolina.

This document presents a desired set of work tasks to prepare a work product that will ultimately allow the region to develop an implementation strategy for prioritizing and selecting corridors in the urbanized area that would benefit from BOS operations.

This study is anticipated to be completed within an approximate timeframe of one (1) fiscal year with a Notice to Proceed issued early July 2020, and completion by late June 2021.

Outcomes of the study will include:

  • Infrastructure & Operations Review, including a review of existing design and geometry on the subject roads
  • Review of existing and planned transit services on the subject roads
  • Implementation Review, including review of current and planned TIP/MTP projects where implementation opportunities may exist
  • Suggested minimal and desirable design features that could be used as a guideline for  Bus on Shoulder across the region and state
  • Operational guidelines for Bus on Shoulder operation on facilities where minimal and desirable design features have been applied
  • Protocols for evaluating applicability for accommodating/including Bus on Shoulder in roadway designs on future projects
  • Review of funding opportunities
  • Suggested metrics for prioritization of Bus on Shoulder application
  • Updated messaging to increase public awareness of Bus on Shoulder in areas of implementation

Proposals are due no later than 11:00 a.m. EST on May 19, 2020. Specific instructions for submittal are included in the full RFP, located on the CAMPO website: https://www.campo-nc.us/get-involved/rfprfqs.

The deadline for questions pertaining to this RFP is noon EST on May 8, 2020. Proposals not adhering to the submittal instructions included in the RFP will not be considered.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2020