On-Call Planning Services

Indianapolis Public Transportation Corporation/IndyGo

Indianapolis, IN

 RFP # 20-05-348

IPTC is seeking the highest quality, most professional planning services available. While the projects that IPTC can be involved with are diverse, the nature of the work can be separated into one of two broadly stated subject areas, including:

  1. Service planning and design — Service monitoring for the purposes of determining where further adjustments or refinements to the system could improve the passenger experience, on-time performance, and/or service reliability, while maintaining an 80%/20% frequency/coverage split.
  2. Real estate development/brokerage advisory services — Assistance in identifying potential properties for acquisition, pre-development activities, preparing specifications for solicitation of prospective developers, preparing and responding to site specific RFPs/RFQs, or other related activities.

Request Type
Tuesday, June 23, 2020