Mobility Management Pilot Program

Brooke Hancock Jefferson Mobility Management Program

Steubenville, OH

The project purpose is to establish a Mobility Management Program for the BHJ Region. Mobility Management moves beyond traditional fixed route public transportation services as an innovative approach for managing and delivering a network of diverse transportation services, public and private, to satisfy consumer needs. The primary objective is to improve access to mobility for all citizens through an increased awareness of the BHJ Region’s transportation needs, coordination of transportation options to meet those needs, and integrate those options by integrating into local public policy through planning and partnerships.

Key Elements:

This position will conduct a 15-month Mobility Management Pilot Program to assess public and institutional support to sustain such a program beyond the 15-month trial period. During the 15-month period, the Mobility Manager will create policies and guidelines that focuses on a diversity of travel options and modes that reach out to a wide-range of transportation services beyond traditional transit systems built on regional service coverage. The manager will use multiple service providers to offer more efficient services to consumers and improve transportation management and delivery. Key elements are:

  • Develop coordination strategies with public transit and human service operators to improve public access to services,
  • Conduct survey, data analysis, or research to assess consumer needs, address gaps in service, and improve service efficiencies
  • Compliance with federal and state program guidelines and funding requirements
  • Develop, revise, and administer applicable Human Service Public Transit Coordination Plans, or other relevant transportation plans,
  • Maintain and foster a working relationship with the federal, state, and local agencies,
  • Prepare material for Mobility Partnership for Human Services meetings and deliver oral and written presentations, project reports, and other summaries, as approved by the BHJ Executive Director to BHJ committee meetings, other transportation service committee meetings, and media outlets as well as other meetings held by local governing boards and civic groups.

Total Compensation Package: $90,500 (For 15 months period).
Advertising Dates: A period beginning Thursday, June 18.
Closing Date: Open until filled.

Request Type
Sunday, August 30, 2020