Economic Restructuring Strategies and Redevelopment Services

Gowanda Area Redevelopment Corporation

Gowanda, NY


The Gowanda Area Redevelopment Corporation (GARC) is a 501(c)(3) organization that is currently seeking professional consultants expert in Economic Restructuring strategies and Redevelopment Planning services for small communities.

GARC has been awarded a competitive grant to fund an economic restructuring/redevelopment study identifying and assistance implementing prioritized project action-steps required by the Gowanda Region to fully restructure its local economy into a sustainable one with future positive growth potential.

GARC seeks an experienced consultant team in the fields of; economic restructuring policy and practice, redevelopment/land use planning, regional retail markets analysis, public infrastructure analysis (as related), business district branding and marketing; traffic-calming, smart-growth redevelopment, transit-oriented redevelopment, pedestrian walkability, streetscape design, neoclassical upstairs downtown design, historic preservation, business incubation and others related. Economic redevelopment credentials from governmental agencies or organizations are preferred in candidate(s) selection. GARC requests from interested parties qualifications of personnel in the above areas of expertise to be project time dedicated.

Additionally, proposals are required to determine the respondent’s knowledge and experience on such a project. Submittals shall include but are not limited to project; methodology and rationalization, allocation of personnel resources, scope of services, and anticipated project component deliverables. Similar project experience documentation is required.

Qualifications and Proposals are due before end-of-day July 15, 2020 electronic copy, deliverable to:

Mr. Wayne Awald
Gowanda Area Redevelopment Corporation (GARC)
2211 Gowanda Zoar Road
Gowanda, NY 14070

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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