Joint Land Use Study Final Report Implementation

City of Abilene

Abilene, TX

City of Abilene, City of Tye and Taylor County, along with a volunteer View-Caps Area Group, and Dyess officials, conducted a JLUS that completed in July 2018 with acceptance by all three jurisdictions. The JLUS Final Report contains Recommendations that will mitigate current and future real and perceived land use conflicts between Dyess and the surrounding communities. The Final Report may be viewed and downloaded here:

Many of the recommendations will be completed locally by the Implementation Committee and its working groups. However, a need exists for experienced professional assistance to provide guidance on Committee-conducted work and to provide completed deliverables as stated in the Scope of Consultant Services.

The City of Abilene (City) will sponsor the Implementation Phase of the Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) for Dyess Air Force Base and seeks to select and contract with the consultant under the management of the city's named project representative and in coordination with all identified stakeholders. The City anticipates this project will take 18 months to complete. Dyess-owned property lies within the jurisdictions of City of Abilene, City of Tye and Taylor County. These jurisdictions, along with a volunteer View-Caps Area Group and Dyess officials, will participate on the Implementation Committee. Local subject matter experts will be invited to participate on working groups and constructively participate throughout this project.

Dyess AFB, which is located in Taylor County in north central Texas and within the city limits of Abilene and Tye, is home to the 7th Bomber Wing (BW). Its mission is to provide combat ready B-1B aircraft, crews and associate combat support for global engagement missions. The 7BW is the host unit at the installation and consists of the 7th Operations Group (OG), the 7th Maintenance Group (MXG), the 7th Medical Group (MDG), and the 7th Mission Support Group (MSG).

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