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Verdugo Wash Visioning

The City of Glendale is seeking urban design and landscape architecture consultant services to create a design theme and vision for activating the Verdugo Wash as a linear park and nature trail (the Verdugo Wash Visioning). The scope of work should focus on a comprehensive design vision for the Verdugo Wash that thoughtfully considers this tributary's original path etched by nature starting in Crescenta Valley and running southeast along the base of the Verdugo Mountains then southwest until it converges with the LA River. In the 1930s the Verdugo Wash was encased in concrete as a flood control channel. The Verdugo Wash Visioning is a first step towards paying homage to the Wash's original path to the LA River and Griffith Park beyond and reimagining it to provide an extraordinary urban experience that connects pedestrians and cyclists to varied urban centers and City parks along an approximately 9.5-mile length via a linear park and nature trail.

Digital responses to this Request for Proposals (RFP) and letter of interest are due no later than Wednesday, September 9, 2020 at 5:00 pm.

The City intends to short-list firms for interviews based on the RFP responses. Proposers must present information regarding their understanding of the Project based on the attached documents, capabilities, and experience with similar projects, staff availability, project approach, and proposed schedules and fee structure. A total scope of work budget not to exceed $240,000. has been established for this project. Interviews with selected firms are anticipated to occur during October 2020.

Overview of Work

The Verdugo Wash Visioning offers a unique place-making opportunity that would significantly reshape the urban framework and character of a major area of Glendale. The City is seeking qualified firms with project expertise to assist the City in developing a high-level vision, including but not limited to, conceptual design, programming, and integration of a reimagined Verdugo Wash into the existing and potential land use framework of the City that, where feasible, transforms the utilitarian design and use as a flood control channel into a significant contributor to the City's character and amenities.

Verdugo Wash Background

The Verdugo Wash, a tributary of the LA River, is located entirely within the City of Glendale. From its origin in the Crescenta Valley just south of Interstate 210 it takes a southeasterly course skirting the base of the Verdugo Mountains before turning in a southwesterly direction through the city towards its confluence with the LA River and Griffith Park beyond. In the 1930s the County of Los Angeles transformed the tributary from its natural form into its present man-made utilitarian form as a flood control channel encased in concrete and open to the sky (except for the free-flowing stream inside the Verdugo Wash Debris Basin Dam). Though the community is accustomed to its presence, the wash often presents itself as a structural and visual disconnect between differing parts of the city, the downtown, and even between neighborhoods and neighbors along its approximately 9.5 miles of length.

The reimagined Verdugo Wash would be transformative in character – a new urban linear park energizing the existing urban framework and fabric of Glendale with seamless connections and visually pleasing experiences. It would create a walking / cycling haven with access to business and entertainment venues while enjoying nature, people, places, and culture as it interweaves several important city centers, services, and a multitude of neighborhoods that make up a large core of Glendale. The visioning is the opportunity to embrace and advance an urban design experience that will create memorability and recognition as a 'must visit' urban experience. As envisioned it would make a significant contribution towards furthering the City's recognition as a unique and livable community. On its 9.5 mile course the wash passes through diverse contexts or "segments" that each have the potential or predisposition to possess a unique identity. In defining each segment, people and place should remain a guiding principle by establishing a character and sense of destination that attracts activity and visitors. As such the City requests that the chosen consultant(s) will assist to:

  • Advance a vision of the Verdugo Wash as a pedestrian and cyclist oriented linear park/nature trail.
  • Develop a unifying design strategy that reaches beyond the defined Verdugo Wash to connect people, places & culture in other corners of the city along its path.
  • Envision a new, bold, and innovative landmark statement for a significant piece of infrastructure within the City.
  • Aspire to achieve the kind of place-making and identity seen in landmark features such as the Atlanta BeltLine, the Chicago River Walk, the San Antonio River Walk, (Cherry Creek) Denver, the Underline (Miami), Railroad Park (Birmingham, AL) and the Indianapolis Culture Trail.

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