Housing Element Update to General Plan

City of San Fernando

San Fernando, CA

The City of San Fernando was incorporated in 1911 and is currently organized according to the City Council/City Manager form of government with six departments, including a Community Development Department, Police Department, Public Works Department, and Recreation and Community Services Department. The City of San Fernando has an area of approximately 2.4 square miles and a population of approximately 25,000 residents.

The City is seeking planning consultant services to assist in the preparation of the Housing Element of the General Plan for the 2021-2029 planning period. The City of San Fernando’s RHNA allocation for the prior 2014-2021 (5th) cycle was 217 units. As of the Annual Progress Report for 2019, the City of San Fernando has produced 269 units. The City has fulfilled its low income and moderate income allocation of for this cycle by permitting 151 low income and 46 moderate income units. The City was allocated 55 very low and 95 above moderate income units and has only permitted 28 very low and 44 above moderate income units. This means that the City has a remaining allocation of 78 units, 27 very low income and 51 above moderate income units. The City has received a preliminary 6th cycle allocation of 1,790 units. The City seeks the services of a firm to complete a public outreach process, review current documents, and prepare a Housing Element that can accommodate the RHNA allocation assigned by SCAG. The firm is expected to provide all the materials and services that will fulfill or exceed the requirements and conditions as set forth in this Request for Proposal (“RFP”).

Request Type
Monday, September 14, 2020