Corridor Study

City of Stillwater

Stillwater, OK

The purpose of the study is to provide future guidance and direction for the community in relation to the OK Highway 51/6th Avenue corridor. regarding transportation, land use, and aesthetics. Ideally, the City would like the process to help guide the final design for proposed geometric improvements for the OK Highway 51/6th Avenue corridor.

Stillwater is located in north central Oklahoma, 10 miles east of I-35, one hour from Oklahoma City and Tulsa and one and a half hours from Wichita, Kansas. It is a vibrant city of approximately 50,000 residents, and the regional shopping, dining and recreational hub. Numerous community events and activities are hosted annually, including festivals, concerts, cultural exhibits, musical performances, athletic events, bike races, and marathons.

Stillwater is also home to Oklahoma State University (OSU), a comprehensive public university with an enrollment of 25,000 students. Everyone in Stillwater is proud of OSU and the "World's Brightest Orange" is incorporated into store signage, advertisements, and clothing throughout the town. Stillwater's population virtually doubles for every OSU home football game, with America's largest homecoming celebration being its biggest weekend. OSU has christened the McKnight Center, a state-of-the art performing arts venue that will solidify Stillwater's standing as one of the cultural centers of the state.

The 6th Avenue/State Highway 51 corridor spans the length of the community, roughly dividing the community into north/south sections. The corridor is a state highway, and extends west toward Interstate 35 as well as east toward Sand Springs and Tulsa. Within Stillwater, it serves as a major arterial that connects to the downtown area, Perkins Road (US Highway 177), Stillwater Medical Center, and multiple commercial areas.

The study area extends approximately two miles from Western to Perkins Road, and encompasses approximately three blocks on each side of 6th Avenue (University to the north, 9th Avenue to the south).

The study area connects to, or includes, a number of important areas within the community. Aside from the downtown area, the study area includes commercial areas along 6th Avenue, Campus Corner (University and Knoblock), The Strip (Washington between 6th and University); Greek housing, a mix of single and multi-family housing, an elementary school, and a hospital. Adjacent to the study area is the Oklahoma State University campus and area within the City's Form Based Code zoning districts.

Additionally, the study area includes bike lanes on 9th Avenue, Monroe, and University. There are also transit stops along 6th Avenue, University, Monroe, and Washington. The sidewalk system is heavily used by pedestrian within and traveling through the study area.

Overall, the City of Stillwater is looking develop a corridor study that addresses how the land use, transportation network, and housing should develop over the next 10 years, and how the corridor should be incorporated into the rest of the community. The study should also explore how to connect the downtown area to the Oklahoma State University campus; and how to connect the north and south sides of the corridor. Finally, it should consider how bike/pedestrian connectivity can be improved along 6th Avenue.

Specific items to be included within the scope of services are future land use and redevelopment opportunities, potential improvements for pedestrians and bicycles, aesthetics, and public participation. While consultants are being asked to include a scope of services, the City of Stillwater encourages creativity with each submission.

The corridor study is to be presented in a format and language that is "user-friendly" and easy for the general public to understand. Technical jargon should be kept to a minimum. The extensive use of graphics and other devices that will enhance the readability and ease-of-use of the ordinance is required. In addition, the consultant will be required to provide one hard copy and one electronic version of a final draft for review purposes. Once approved, the consultant will be required to provide 5 hard copies and one electronic copy. The City of Stillwater shall retain ownership of all data generated.

The City of Stillwater will provide the following documents either electronically, hard copy, or via the internet:

  1. C3 Comprehensive Plan
  2. Stillwater Transportation Enhancement Plan
  3. Trail and Bicycle Master Plan
  4. Existing Land Development Code
  5. South Washington development concepts (OSU LA Studio project)
  6. Potential State Highway 51/6th Avenue preliminary roadway design

Submittals must be received by the City of Stillwater by September 21, 2020 prior to 5:00 pm. Proposals may be mailed or delivered in person to: Community Development Dept.

City of Stillwater
723 S. Lewis
P.O. Box 1449
Stillwater, OK 74076

The City requests that responses to this RFP contain the following information. Consultants are free to provide additional information which will assist the City in determining qualifications.

Cover Letter
The cover letter should summarize the consultant's qualifications, key points, and be signed by an officer of the firm.

Company Background
(limit one page per firm submitting the proposal)

Related Experience
Provide information regarding your firm's background and experience in providing these services.

Staffing and Employee Experience
Indicate the names, titles, role, locations, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses, of each member of the team that will be designated to work on this project for your company. Indicate which person and position will serve as the day-to-day contact for the City. Provide a brief resume of the listed person(s).

Firm Approach
Discuss how your firm will provide the services to be performed for the City. The City welcomes and will consider creative and innovative alternatives. This should include a proposed scope of services

Scope of Services
Discuss your potential scope (including public meetings, milestones, etc.), include specific milestones.

Complete Respondent Information Sheet.

Evaluation Process

All consultants will be evaluated based on the following criteria (not listed in any order of importance):

  1. Firm's proven ability and experience with similar studies.
  2. Expertise of key personnel to be assigned to the contract.
  3. Firm's proven ability to provide innovative, creative, cost effective parking solutions(s).
  4. Firm's proven track record of responsiveness to time limitations and deadlines.
  5. Firm's proven track record of quality performance.
  6. Experience in resolving parking problems in similar communities, with a large university presence.

Anticipated Timeline

Deadline for receipt of submittals.
September 21, 2020

Submittal Evaluations, including on-site interview if necessary.
September-October 2020

Contract Negotiation/Recommendations to Approving Authorities.
October-November, 2020

Scope of Work Executed.
November, 2020

Interviews will be scheduled after a selection committee has ranked each proposal and will choose up to five firms/teams to make a presentation regarding their team, project approach, and past experience.

The City of Stillwater will attempt to negotiate an agreement with the top ranked firm. If no agreement can be reached with the top ranked firm, that firm shall be dismissed and staff shall proceed with discussions with the second ranked firm. This process may be repeated as many times as necessary until an agreement can be negotiated that is satisfactory to both parties.

The City of Stillwater reserves the right to be the sole judge of the suitability of the proposed services for its intended use, and further specifically reserves the right to make the award in the best interests of the City of Stillwater.

During the selection process, as well as during the course of the project, it is the City's intention to have a member of the Community Development Department serve as the point of contact for all discussion relating to the development of the corridor study.

The City of Stillwater reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, or to contact any submitting organization or reference prior to award for explanations or clarification. The City reserves the right to waive any formalities and to award to the most responsive and responsible submitting organization. All working documents, electronic and written, shall remain the property of City and shall be delivered to the Community Development Department upon completion of the work.

The Consultant shall, during the performance of the contract, keep in force a limit of Insurance per the attached Minimum Insurance Requirements.

The consultant shall adhere to a drug-free workplace and non-discrimination policy during the period of the contract for this project.

The City of Stillwater is a tax exempt organization.

The use of the City's name in any way as a potential customer is strictly prohibited except as authorized in writing.

The City assumes no responsibility or liability for any costs you may incur in responding to this RFP, including attending interviews, meetings or contract negotiations.

The City is bound to comply with the Oklahoma Open Records Act, and information submitted by you, with few exceptions, is a matter of public record. (51 O.S. § 24A.1 et seq.)

The City shall be under no obligation to return any materials submitted in response to this RFP.

Proposals shall remain in effect for 60 days after their submission.

Questions regarding the Request for Proposals can be directed to:

Mr. Rian Harkins, AICP
Community Development Department
City of Stillwater
723 S Lewis/PO Box 1449
Stillwater, OK 74074
(405) 533-8442

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Monday, September 21, 2020

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