Zoning Code Rewrite and Update

City of Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs, CO

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Plan Manitou (www.planmanitou.com), master planning document for Manitou Springs, provides strategic vision for land use and zoning code. The City of Manitou Springs Zoning and Subdivision Regulations should align with Plan Manitou and serve the community. The zoning regulations should address modern land uses common to a tourism-based economy located in a mountain community with natural risks. Aspects for an update and rewrite will include clarifying design and development standards, accessory dwelling units, planned unit development, compatibility of zoning code, and public input process. https://library.municode.com/co/manitou_springs/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=MANITOU_SPRINGS_COLORADO_MUNICIPAL_CODE

Plan Manitou has supported the community’s efforts:

  • To become a certified Colorado Creative District
  • ​To define and support implementation of a Transportation and Mobility Master Plan with plan vision, goals, and policies.
  • To approach development code updates including Planning for Hazards code revisions adopted in Spring 2019
  • ​Conduct development plan review such that long range Sr Planners can apply plan guidance to evaluate development requests, as appropriate.
  • Plan Manitou, in coordination with public engagement, will lend to this update planned in 2020, the master plan includes a Future Land plan and policies that will provide guidance for updating the City’s zoning district requirements.

Project Goal:

Chosen consultant will work closely with the City of Manitou Springs Planning Department to develop a strategy, plan and deliverable for the improvement and rewrite of the City’s Zoning and Subdivision Regulations.  Specific desired outcomes include:

  1. Consistent with Plan Manitou, modernize zoning and subdivision regulations with specific improvements to problematic and/or outdated process and procedures associated with the code which will improve, simplify and reduce review and approval time for development applications.
  2. Ensure regulations and procedures allow alternative compliance to development standards that accommodate site context.
  3. Community engagement and input that incorporates various stakeholders and residents

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

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