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Introduction and Overview

HomeBase Cincinnati is a leading resource for community-based CDCs, focused on sharing resources, funding, expertise, and creating partnerships that can help CDCs build their capacity for neighborhood transformation. HomeBase and the City of Cincinnati seek to support and assist CDCs in pursuing greater efforts and achieving outcomes that align with the goals of the community.

Sedamsville is a small neighborhood in the City of Cincinnati just west of the central business district. It contains narrow streets on a steep incline north of the heavily traveled River Road, that connects the western neighborhoods with downtown. In the past its streets were lined with single, two and three family homes. The neighborhood has seen very little investment in the last 50 years and now needs a strategy to reimagine its land use and take advantage of the amount of property being held by the Port of Greater Cincinnati Authority (the Port), and its managed entity the Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation, (Landbank).

Find the full RFP here: https://www.homebasecincy.org/new-page

Scope of Services

HomeBase is requesting proposals from experienced consultants or teams demonstrating knowledge, skill and professional experience required to assess the existing housing stock, and provide recommendations on how to manage, invest, and redevelop the properties to align with community needs.

HomeBase intends to engage professional consultants to perform a housing study and create a plan for operational funding following federal competitive procurement requirements. A qualified proposal will demonstrate a strategic plan for the following:

  1. An assessment of the current housing stock including, but not limited to, age of asset and product type, demographics of renters and homeowners, market demands including, but not limited to, standard sale prices and rental rates, housing gaps, and strategies to mitigate these gaps.
  2. A map with identified redevelopment potential, including locations, types of redevelopments, and priority areas.
  3. Data collection that provides an idea of density according to current land use.
  4. Alternative ideas for housing plans that give the community a range of options to choose which best matches their goals.
  5. Recommendations and guidance on the process of project design, implementation, and communication with developers to further achieve the objectives of the community including, but not limited to, specific project sites, land-use recommendations, and community engagement.


Services are expected to be rendered for a period of approximately 5-6 months.


Release of RFP — 05/24/2023

Deadline for Written Questions — 06/12/2023

Submission Deadline — 06/15/2023

Interviews of Qualified Bids — 06/16/2023

Proposed start of contract to provide resulting services — 06/30/2023


All questions or requests for clarification must be submitted in writing no later than 06/12/2023 at 12:00pm EST. Questions and clarification requests may be emailed to alexus.wimbish@homebasecincy.org. Please reference "Housing Study RFP" in the subject field of the message. Questions received after the designated period may not be considered. Any response made by HomeBase will be provided in writing via Addendum.

Offerors are prohibited from contacting any other HomeBase employees, board members or any third-party representatives of HomeBase on any matter having to do with this RFP. All communications must be made to the email as listed above.

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