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Introduction and Overview

Community Development Corporations (CDCs) are an important part of the infrastructure necessary for facilitating change in Cincinnati's communities. HomeBase and the City of Cincinnati seek to build and support community-based CDCs in project development and management. We recognize those CDCs that are under-resourced and seek to provide them with the proper support to build capacity and achieve their community development goals.

HomeBase is seeking a variety of consultants to support 4-6 small neighborhoods that have acknowledged the need for expert support including, but not limited to, community engagement and organizing, strategic planning, identity-building, and community-specific studies. The consultants may be asked to perform a variety of tasks, including recruitment of new members for community-facing organizations, executing public engagement for community-driven input surrounding specific neighborhood issues or topics, and completing short or long-term strategic plans. The exact scope of work will vary per neighborhood, but will be closely tied to the community needs after periods of little to no development.

Several of the neighborhoods are seeking a cohesive community vision, initiated by the facilitation of community conversations in preparation for community-based strategic planning. Additionally, other neighborhoods are seeking community-specific studies, such as traffic studies or impact studies, that can assess the current state of the community while developing a strategic plan. The consultants will be expected to be a recurring resource during this process, offering their expertise on how to best activate the community.

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Scope of Services

HomeBase is requesting qualifications from experienced consultants or teams demonstrating knowledge, skill and professional experience required to assist 4 to 6 specified neighborhoods in the City of Cincinnati in community organizing, strategic planning, identity-building, and community-specific studies. HomeBase intends to engage professional consultants to perform general community development services as needed. A short list of qualified consultants with relevant experience will be developed following review of responses to this RFQ.

A successfully qualified consulting team will demonstrate the capacity to execute community organizing and engagement, develop a strategic plan, and gather community input, to include but not be limited to the following:

  1. A traffic study to analyze the vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns and to create a plan for pedestrian safety and future economic development, initiated by the facilitation of community conversations in preparation for community-based strategic planning.
  2. A plan for inclusive outreach and engagement focused on the diverse neighborhoods of Cincinnati. Engagement with historically underserved and marginalized populations is critical in many of these neighborhoods, and this may be performed through a variety of methods (round table discussions, input cards, etc.)
  3. Qualitative research and actionable strategies that will drive sustainable community change and development.
  4. A review of past neighborhood plans to find common themes within them, followed by a targeted timeline for achieving neighborhood goals and
  5. Preparation of reports and presentation for internal and external audiences. The reports should include a variety of qualitative and quantitative data that can be used to guide the community
  6. Methods for maintaining engagement throughout the entire planning process and establishing long-lasting relationships with community stakeholders.
  7. One time and recurring resources that CDCs can use to improve their engagement, responsiveness, and community network.


Services are expected to be rendered for a period of approximately 5-6 months.


Release of RFQ — 06/01/2023

Deadline for Written Questions — 06/16/2023

Submission Deadline — 06/19/2023

Interviews of Qualified Offerors — 06/20/2023

Proposed start of contract to provide resulting services — 06/30/2023


All questions or requests for clarification must be submitted in writing no later than 06/16/2023 at 5:00pm ET. Questions and clarification requests may be emailed to Please reference "Neighborhood Planning Services" in the subject field of the message. Questions received after the designated period may not be considered. Any response made by HomeBase will be provided in writing via Addendum.

Offerors are prohibited from contacting any other HomeBase employees, board members or any third party representatives of HomeBase on any matter having to do with this RFQ. All communications must be made to the email as listed above.

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