Zoning and Subdivision Rewrite

City of Plano

Plano, TX

The City of Plano, Texas ("City") is requesting Statements of Qualification (SOQ) seeking the services of a qualified professional firm or team to conduct a two-phase review and revision of the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Ordinance to align development regulation policies with the goals of Comprehensive Plan 2021. Phase I will include a functional and legal review of the current development regulations, completion of an overall needs assessment, and establishment of the process for Phase II. Phase II will consist of drafting the ordinances, implementing the public engagement strategy, and leading public presentations related to ordinance adoption.

Find the full RFQ at planotx.ionwave.net.

Questions must be submitted electronically through IonWave at planotx.ionwave.net.

No questions will be answered over the phone or through email.

The preferred method for proposal submission is electronically through IonWave. If you choose to submit your proposal in person, Purchasing personnel will be available Mondays and Wednesdays between the hours of 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. The person delivering the proposal must call (972) 941-7557 upon arrival during those hours and wait in the lobby for someone to meet them to receive their proposal. Responses delivered in person are to be delivered in a sealed envelope to the Purchasing Department at:

City of Plano Purchasing Department
1520 K Avenue
Plano, TX 75074
Ph: (972) 941-7557

All responses are due prior to the published closing date and time. No late responses will be accepted.

Proposals will be opened, and the names of offerors read, on Thursday, June 29, 2023 at 2:00 PM CT. The reading will take place at City Hall, in the Council Chambers; which has space for social distancing available. Tabulations for these solicitations should be available on Ionwave within 48 hours of the opening. In some cases, they may be available earlier. We ask that you limit exposure by viewing tabulations electronically through IonWave, rather than attending at City Hall.

Time Critical Bid/Proposal Deliveries: The City of Plano cannot guarantee, due to internal procedures, that any bids/proposals sent Priority Mail will be picked up and delivered by the closing date and time. It is recommended that critical bid/proposal deliveries be made either electronically through IonWave or in person as described above.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2023