Community Assistance: Chapter and Division Resources

This page contains resources for APA Chapters and Divisions who already have or wish to start a volunteer planning assistance program.


The webinar "Engaging Communities with Pro Bono Planning," includes APA chapter representatives from California, Mississippi, South Carolina and Washington, along with APA-National staff, who discuss their respective programs. Topic areas include different models, how to start and maintain a program, promotion, volunteer recruitment, and project evaluation. CM | 1.0

APA Chapters With Community Assistance Programs

California Chapter (since 2016)

Illinois Chapter (since 1998)

Mississippi Chapter (since 2013)

New Jersey Chapter (since 2011)

Oregon Chapter (since 2017)

South Carolina Chapter (since 2015)

Washington Chapter (since 2005)

Articles on Chapter Programs

Timber Town Gets a Boost from APA's Oregon Chapter

California Chapter Kicks Off Community Assistance Program in Kingsburg