Arts and Planning Division

Arts and Planning Division

The Arts and Planning Division (APD) provides a forum for identifying, developing, and refining tools that promote the integration of arts and culture into community development and planning. This includes work in areas like creative placemaking and placekeeping, cultural planning, public art planning, cultural economic development, and zoning pertaining to arts uses and facilities.


About the Arts and Planning Division


APD envisions a just and equitable planning profession and practice where arts and culture are integral parts of a thriving community.


The mission of the Arts & Planning Division (APD) of the American Planning Association is to transform the planning profession through arts and culture.


To accomplish the mission, APD fosters an interest in, contributes knowledge to, and promotes cooperation to enhance the intersection of arts, culture, and planning. APD will incorporate Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) strategies to address historical societal inequities and ensure robust participation by all segments of a community. APD will use the following strategies to build collaboration between planners and arts and culture allies:

  • Facilitate planning partnerships with arts and culture practitioners.
  • Provide a forum for those working at the intersection of arts, planning, and equity to network and learn from each other;s work.
  • Offer learning opportunities that highlight trends, challenges and solutions related to the arts and planning fields.
  • Advance the goals and values of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) Code of Ethics.

If you would like more information, please contact the organizer:

Annis Sengupta, Chair
Director of Arts and Culture
Metropolitan Area Planning Council
Boston, MA

Division Documents

Arts & Planning Division Newsletters

October 2023: Creative Concepts

September 2023: Fall Programs and Highlights

August 2023: Elections and Podcasts

May 2023: Music Ecosystems

March 2023: National Planning Conference

November 2022: Cultural Policy Post-Pandemic

Recent Events

The sound of places: a conversation about cultural place-keeping and music

Access the Recording

Passcode: uzF?Yh5!

Arts and Planning Division Board

Annis Sengupta, PhD | Chair

Philip Barash | Vice Chair

Miguel A. Vazquez, AICP | Immediate Past Chair

Julie Burros | Treasurer

Brittany Delany | Secretary

Cheryl Derricotte, AICP | Professional Development

Jessica Wallen | Communications

Ethan Ellestad | Policy

Mary Davis Wallace | Membership


Angela Puerta
Claudia Zarazua
Joshua Heim

Patricia Walsh | Advisor

Leonardo Vazquez, AICP | Advisor

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