Planning and Law Division Webinars

Webinar: Fair Housing, Affordable Housing, and Local Planning and Zoning: Understanding the Obligations and Reducing Your Community’s Legal Risk

November 25, 2014

The relationship between fair housing and zoning is complex and undergoing dramatic change. This webinar provides an overview of federal and state fair housing laws and how they apply to local governments, a discussion of the landmark Anti-Discrimination Center of Metropolitan New York v. Westchester County case, and practice pointers regarding the relationship between fair housing law and federal funding. The webinar offers guidance in reducing litigation risk for planners and others dealing with fair housing issues. (Donald L. Elliott, FAICP, and Brian J. Connolly, panelists)

Webinar: Sex, Guns & Drugs: Planning for Controversial Land Uses

October 22, 2014

The U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of expression, freedom of religion, and the right to bear arms. But it's not that simple. Businesses that rely on these constitutional guarantees continue to generate controversy in communities across the country. To compound matters, state legislatures from Arizona to Massachusetts have been busy granting new — and in many cases, previously unheard of — rights to marijuana and firearm retailers.

This has rapidly drawn planners and zoning practitioners into the debate over how these businesses best fit into their communities, and whether their communities are legally obligated to accommodate these uses in the first place. (Daniel J. Bolin and Gregory W. Jones, panelists)

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Ethical Rules and Considerations for Planners, Plan Commissioners, and Lawyers

September 4, 2013

This webinar focuses on the ethical rules and considerations governing planners, plan commissioners, and lawyers who work with planners and appear before plan commissions. The webinar covered the primary sources of ethical rules, common ethical mistakes, and procedures to correct common mistakes. In addition, the webinar featured an interactive component enabling participants to interact with the presenters and other participants on ethical scenarios.

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