Planning and Women

As one of the earliest divisions of the American Planning Association, the Planning and Women Division was formed in 1979 as a platform from which to transmit ideas and career concerns of particular interest to women and to the general membership of the American Planning Association.

Among the purposes of the Division are the following:

• Address issues facing the planning and development of communities, cities, regions, states, and the nation related to the changing roles of women and men as a means of promoting social equity;

• Create a national network of planners, decision makers and persons actively involved in organizations which are concerned about similar issues;

• Promote professional growth of women in planning and advocate for equitable treatment and advancement of female planners at all stages of their careers;

• Recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of women in planning;

• Advance technical knowledge and improve techniques of dealing with the issues of women and planning; and

• Promote the analysis and examination of the issues of women and planning at every level of government and in colleges and universities.

We welcome your participation with over 100 other members in activities pertaining to women in the profession and the role of women in society as it pertains to planning.  On this website you will find information about our division's activities and services.  Please feel free to contact any of the division leaders with your suggestions and inquiries.

Anna Kitces, AICP
Planning and Women Division Chair

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Survey: Planning for Women and Aging

We are proud to announce our partnership with Cornell's Women's Planning Forum in producing the Planning for Women & Aging survey for practicing planners. Please help us by participating in this exciting project! (Yes, men too!)

P&W has teamed up with Cornell University to conduct a survey of practicing planners on the topic of women and aging, generously supported by a grant from the APA Divisions Council. The survey aims to gather information on the attitudes and practices of planners with respect to women and aging. How do we take account of different ages and genders in the work we do? Does your community's Comprehensive Plan allow for 'granny flats'? What constitutes a family in your zoning regulations? Share the perspective of your own community, and help us gather information on this important theme.

The survey takes just 10-15 minutes to complete.

Survey-Related Resources

Take the survey

We look forward to your insights and to sharing the results at the National Planning Conference in Seattle in April 2015!


Please contact:
Amanda Micklow, AICP
PhD Student, City and Regional Planning
Cornell University

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