APA Interact December 8, 2021

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December 8, 2021
A smart city should connect to a community's plan and vision. Learn how to take advantage of technology to plan for and with smart cities in a thoughtful and efficient manner. And ensure that planning principles and ethics are well integrated to avoid creating new inequalities with this new PAS report Smart Cities — Integrating Technology, Community, and Nature. APA members have free access to all Planning Advisory Service (PAS) materials.
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Digital Twins
A new tool for scenario planning

Adding digitalization and virtual simulation to your planning toolbox can offer new ways to predict potential futures of cities. Learn how smart city digital twins can allow planners to explore new solutions to urban problems, improve public engagement and zoning, and address complex issues like climate resilience — while also offering a viable tool for communicating plans, policies, and outcomes.
Tackling the housing crisis with technology

Middle- and low-income communities across the country are struggling to access affordable housing in fast-growing cities. See how Seattle is utilizing Esri's ArcGIS Hub to promote accessory dwelling units and diversify affordable housing options for residents.
APA Foundation
Seven students receive scholarships

Congratulations to this year's scholarship recipients. Five students earned APA Scholarships, and one student each earned the Charles Abrams and Judith McManus Price scholarships. The scholarships are designed to make the planning profession more diverse and help ensure talented students have access to education.

We See the Future and We Plan It
The University of Florida Department of Urban & Regional Planning has exceeded 750 graduates from our Master of Urban Regional Planning program. Our alumni tackle rising sea levels, rapid population growth and more. Start shaping the future, learn more about UF's Master of Urban & Regional Planning.
December 10: Share your thoughts on how digital disruption may impact urban planning. Complete this 15-minute survey from UNSW in partnership with the Global Planners Network, of which APA is a member. 

December 31: End of CM reporting period for AICP members. Check individual CM status in your CM Log (login required).

December 23–January 2: APA's office will be closed for winter break. We will see you in the new year!
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