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  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Cook County, IL, Solar Map

    by: Elevate Energy,
    This map displays rooftops in Cook County, Illinois, that would be suitable to host solar energy systems with rated capacities of at least 25 kW.
    Cook County, IL
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Santa Clara County, CA, Solar Potential Map

    This collection of maps show the land-use factors affecting solar potential in different areas of the county.
    Santa Clara County, CA
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Los Angeles County, CA, Solar Map and Green Planning Tool

    This online tool allows users to view solar energy potential at the individual rooftop level and plan projects, and it displays existing solar energy projects.
    Los Angeles County, CA
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Arizona Solar Map

    This map provides summaries of the number of solar installations and energy generated by zip code for the service areas of participating electric companies in the state of Arizona.
  • Knowledgebase Resource 

    Tallahassee, FL, Solar Interactive Map

    This interactive map shows individually owned and city-owned net-metered solar photovoltaic systems.
    Tallahassee, FL

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