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    • ADUs to the Rescue?

      In the fight to end the housing crisis, California is putting its money — and its legislation — on accessory dwelling units.
      Five new California laws aim to reduce barriers to accessory dwelling units in single-family neighborhoods.
    • Zoning to Promote Garage Apartments

      Zoning Practice — May 2018
      by: Anne Brown, Vinit Mukhija, Donald Shoup, FAICP
      This edition of Zoning Practice details a proposal for zoning reforms to facilitate garage-to-apartment conversions.
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    • Accessory Apartments for Today’s Communities

      Planning Commissioners Journal, November/December 1991
      by: Patrick Hare
      This short article highlights the potential of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) as an affordable housing strategy and briefly discusses common barriers to developing ADUs.
    • A Room of One’s Own: Accessory Dwelling Unit Reforms and Local Parochialism

      Urban Lawyer, 45(3): 519–569, 2013
      by: Margaret Brinig, Nicole Garnet
      This article discusses the national trend in state and local regulations toward more permissive regulations for accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and presents the findings of a study of local regulations in California.
    • Accessory Dwelling Units: A Smart Growth Tool for Providing Affordable Housing

      Housing News Network, August 2016
      by: Jaimie Ross
      This article provides a general overview of accessory dwelling units (ADUs), discusses potential regulatory barriers to ADUs and state efforts to promote ADUs in Florida, and includes considerations for local zoning ordinances.
    • Understanding and Appraising Properties with Accessory Dwelling Units

      The Appraisal Journal, Spring 2012
      by: Martin Brown, Taylor Watkins
      This article describes challenges associated with appraising properties with accessory dwelling units (ADUs) and proposes an appraisal method based on income capitalization.
    • Accessory Dwelling Units as Low-Income Housing: California’s Faustian Bargain

      Urban Science, 2(3): 89, 2018
      by: Darrel Ramsey-Musolf
      This article evaluates the efficacy of a California statute that permits cities and counties to count accessory dwelling units (ADUs) toward affordable housing production goals.
    • Accessory Housing Is Part of the Solution

      Breakthroughs, January 2004
      This short article summarizes a number of common regulatory barriers to affordable housing. These barriers include process requirements, design standards, occupancy standards, and lot size and parking standards.
    • New Hampshire Says Yes to ADUs

      AARP Livable Communities, May 2018
      by: Peter Morelli
      This article discusses how New Hampshire's zoning enabling law establishes minimum regulatory requirements for accessory dwelling units (ADUs).
    • Two Houses in One For a Home Within a Home

      AARP Livable Communities, October 2016
      by: Melissa Stanton
      This article profiles an award-winning design for a multigenerational home, which includes an integrated accessory dwelling unit with a kitchenette.
    • The Commissioner — October 2018

      In The Commissioner's October 2018 issue: "Seattle Fine-Tunes Backyard Cottages," "On Quasi-Judicial Decision Making," "A New Approach to Redistricting," and "History at Your Fingertips."
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    • Zoning for Accessory Housing

      Zoning Practice — July 2012
      by: Thomas Daniels
      This article outlines a strategy for incorporating accessory housing standards into local zoning codes and highlights a few examples of communities where this approach has been effective.
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    • Making Room for Mom and Dad

      Multigenerational families are seeking new housing types.
      Families look for housing that can accommodate aging relatives.

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