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    • Belmont, CA, Code of Ordinances

      Chapter 25.5 – Water Conservation, 1981
      This City's ordinance promotes water conservation measures, consistent with a comfortable standard of living and a healthy economy, and enabled through timely implementation practices.
      Belmont, CA
    • Woodland, CA, Code of Ordinances

      Chapter 19 – Wastewater Discharge and Treatment, 2013
      The City’s ordinance provides requirements for discharges and wastewater management pertaining to the water pollution control facility (WPCF).
      Woodland, CA
    • Fairfax County, VA, Code of Ordinances

      The county’s codified ordinances address integrated water resource management and tree preservation and the urban forest.
      Fairfax County, VA
    • Culpeper County, VA, Code of Ordinances

      Culpeper County’s code addresses farmland protection through its agricultural districts and establishes a Watershed Management District (WMD).
      Culpeper County, VA
    • Parachute, CO, Municipal Code

      Title 9 – Utilities and Services, Chapter 9.15 – Watershed District, 2004
      This town's code creates a watershed district to protect the town’s waterworks and water supply. It establishes prohibited activities and permit requirements within the district.
      Garfield County, CO
    • Ontario, CA, Municipal Code

      Title 6 – Sanitation and Health, Chapter 8C, 1999
      This City’s code establishes requirements, rules and regulations for the development and operation of recycled water facilities and systems within the City's service area.
      Ontario, CA
    • Auburn, GA, Zoning Code

      Title 17 - Zoning, Chapter 17.180 – Groundwater Recharge Protection Districts, 2004
      This City's code establishes a groundwater recharge area district an an overlay zone with groundwater protection standards and requirements.
      Auburn, GA
    • Port Wentworth, GA, Code of Ordinances

      Chapter 21 – Water, Sewers and Sewer Disposal, Article VI – Wellhead Protection, 1997
      This City's code ensures the provision of a safe and sanitary drinking water supply for the city through the establishment of wellhead protection zones.
      Port Wentworth, GA
    • Los Angeles, CA, Municipal Code

      This code includes a low-impact development ordinance which integrates LID practices into stormwater management to ensure stormwater control in development and redevelopment projects.
      Los Angeles, CA
    • Kearny County, KS, Environmental Code

      Bureau of Water, Watershed Management Section, County Environmental/Sanitary Codes, 1999
      This county code provides standards for the location, design, construction, maintenance, waste disposal and use of on-site wastewater systems in the county.
      Kearny County, KS
    • Frederick, MD, Code of Ordinances

      Updated February 2019
      This regulation belongs to the Age-Friendly Communities, Housing an Aging Population, and Integrated Water Resource Management collections.
    • San Diego, CA, Municipal Code

      Updated February 2020
      This regulation belongs to the Affordable Housing Programs, Environmentally Sensitive Areas, Food Trucks, Historic Preservation, Inclusionary Housing, Integrated Water Resource Management, Outdoor Lighting, Solar Energy, Urban Livestock, and Wildland-Urban Interface collections.

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