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    • Preservation of Agricultural Lands Through Land Use Planning Tools and Techniques

      Natural Resources Journal, 44(1): 283–318, 2004
      by: Elisa Paster
      This article establishes the importance of protecting farmland, outlines the legal authority of local governments to do so, and discusses several regulatory and nonregulatory farmland protection policies and implementation techniques, including agricultural zoning (area-based and large-lot), cluster development, agricultural buffering, right-to-farm laws, agricultural districting, land evaluation
    • Agricultural Buffers at the Rural-Urban Fringe: An Examination of Approval by Farmers, Residents, and Academics in the Midwestern United States

      Landscape and Urban Planning 69: 299–313, 2004
      by: William Sullivan, Olin Anderson, Sarah Lovell
      This article explores whether agricultural buffers can help mediate conflicts between farmlands and residential areas on the rural-urban fringe.
    • The Future of Farming on the Urban Edge: Insights from Fifteen U.S. Counties About Farmland Protection and Farm Viability

      Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development 1(2): 59–75, 2010
      by: Kate Clancy, Lydia Oberholzer, J. Dixon Esseks
      This article surveyed landowners in fifteen (15) U.S. counties to examine the opportunities and challenges faced by farmers in urban-edge areas.
    • Priorities for Advancing the Concept of New Ruralism

      Sustainability 8(3): 1-15, 2016
      by: Galen Newman, Jesse Saginor, AICP
      This article expands on the concept of “New Ruralism,” a development framework that links farmland preservation with residential development to reduce farmland conversion and low-density development and create planned agrarian-based rural suburbs that counteract sprawl.
    • Farmland Protection: What’s Behind the Growing Interest?

      Planning Commissioners Journal 63: 1-8, 2006
      by: Keith Schneider
      This article examines the growing interest in farmland preservation and protection programs.
    • Preserving Large Farming Landscapes: The Case of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

      Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development 7(3): 67–81, 2017
      by: Thomas Daniels, Lauren Payne-Riley
      This article stresses the importance of preserving large farming landscapes, highlighting three measures that best reflect the spatial effectiveness of farmland preservation efforts.
    • Defining the Role of Conservation in Agricultural Conservation Easements

      Ecology Law Quarterly, 44(3): 627-680, December 2017
      by: Jess Phelps
      This article addresses the conflicts between agricultural conservation easements and farmers' needs to adjust future agricultural practices and business conditions.
    • Are Preserved Farms Actively Engaged in Agriculture and Conservation?

      Land Use Policy, 45: 103-116, May 2015
      by: Paul Gottlieb, Brian Schilling, Kevin Sullivan
      This article sought to answer whether farmlands enrolled in protection programs are engaged in agricultural activities or conservation projects.
    • Preserving and Promoting Agricultural Activities in the Peri-Urban Space

      University of Manitoba Press, March 2017
      by: Nicolas Brunet
      This article discusses the preservation of agricultural land and agricultural activities in areas that are subject to the pressures of urban development.
    • Estimates of Transaction Costs in Transfer of Development Rights Programs

      Journal of the American Planning Association, 84(1): 61-75, 2018
      by: Sina Shahab, Peter Clinch, Eoin O'Neill
      This article examines the transaction costs associated with transfer of development rights (TDR) programs in an attempt to understand the impact of these costs on landowners' participation in farmland preservation programs.
    • Targeting Spending for Land Conservation: An Evaluation of Maryland's Rural Legacy Program

      Journal of the American Planning Association, 78(1): 34-52, 2012
      by: Rebecca Lewis, Gerrit Knaap
      This article examines the performance of the Rural Legacy Areas program in Maryland, a targeted preservation effort to address urban sprawl in rural areas.
    • Land Preservation Under the Transfer of Development Rights Program

      Journal of the American Planning Association, 87(2): 228-238, 2021
      by: Li Fang
      This article examines the effectiveness of transfer of development rights (TDR) programs.
    • Conservation Limited Development for Local Governments

      PAS Memo — March/April 2019
      Local governments may serve as limited development initiators, sponsors, master developers, project managers, partners, funders, or approving agencies. This PAS Memo focuses mostly on the role of local governments as master developers, as it is the most complex and illustrates points that also apply for simpler approaches.
    • Local Agricultural Preservation: Making the Food System Connection

      PAS Memo — March/April 2011
      Local food deserves a fair chance to compete in the marketplace and in the hearts, minds, and mouths of all. Planners have a major role to play in educating the public, helping to put in place the components of a viable food system, and advocating change at systemic as well as local levels.
    • Conservation Limited Development for Local Governments

      PAS Memo — March-April 2019
      by: Wayne Feiden, FAICP
      The March-April 2019 issue of PAS Memo introduces the conservation limited development concept and examines the roles local governments can play in encouraging or leading these projects to meet community goals.
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    • Land Trusts: Conserving Land, Strengthening Communities

      PAS Memo — July-August 2014
      by: Robert Aldrich
      The July/August 2014 issue of PAS Memo provides a brief overview of land trusts, offers details of land trust work in various specific sectors, explains how and why planners should work with land trusts, and ends with a glimpse at the possible future of land trusts and planning.
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    • Preserving Large Landscapes

      Eastern and western styles differ but align in important ways.
      Eastern and Western states take different approaches to agricultural preservation.
    • Farming at the Fringe

      Exurban areas are embracing family farms.
      The Land Stewardship Project helps farming move forward in the Midwest.
    • Lasting Value

      An excerpt from a recent APA Planners Press book that celebrates remarkable efforts to save rural areas and open space.
      August 01, 2012
      A look at three communities focused on saving rural areas in an excerpt from "Lasting Value" by Rick Pruetz.
    • Revisiting Rachel Carson

      Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" had an important impact on the use of pesticides.

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