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    • Music Policy and Planning

      PAS QuickNotes 102
      by: Shain Shapiro       September 01, 2023
      This edition of PAS QuickNotes outlines the components of a music audit and shares examples of how cities around the United States are using music to improve quality of life and achieve economic and social community goals.
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    • Breaking Down Creative Placemaking

      April 2016
      This fact sheet delves into the definition and components of creative placemaking.
    • What is “Creative Placemaking”?

      This factsheet introduces creative placemaking concepts and provides short articles that define the use of arts and culture in community spaces.
    • Principles of Creative Placemaking

      May 2013
      This fact sheet highlights tenets of successful creative placemaking.
    • Implementing Creative Placemaking in Real Estate

      This factsheet focuses on the relationship between creative placemaking and real estate.
    • Music Policy and Planning

      PAS QuickNotes 102
      Cities are commissioning music audits and creating policies that start with music in mind so it can be a stronger force for economic, social, and cultural development.

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