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    • Inclusive Planning Processes

      PAS QuickNotes 82
      by: David Morley, AICP
      This edition of PAS QuickNotes highlights the inequitable effects of traditional approaches to public participation lead to inequitable outcomes and summarizes how planners and local officials can change participation methods and techniques to maximize inclusivity.
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    • Jemez Principles for Democratic Organization

      December 1996
      This fact sheet shares the Jemez Principles, six core values that emphasize the importance of inclusion and equity in the organizing process.
    • Fair Play: Advancing Health Equity Through Shared Use

      July 2015
      This fact sheet highlights shared use as a strategy to address health equity issues.
    • Principles of Environmental Justice

      This fact sheet shares the 17 principles of environmental justice drafted and adopted by delegates of the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit in 1991.
    • Addressing Environmental Justice in EPA Brownfields Communities

      November 2009
      by: Joseph Bruss
      This fact sheet introduces the EPA’s Brownfield Program and discusses the challenges and opportunities of brownfield revitalization.
    • Racial Equity Impact Assessment Guide

      by: Terry Keleher
      This fact sheet discusses racial equity impact assessments and lists questions associated with each step of the process.
    • The Equity Manifesto

      This fact sheet is a rallying cry for policy professionals to work together to reach a more equitable future.
    • Inclusive Growth

      PAS QuickNotes 78
      by: David Morley, AICP
      This edition of PAS QuickNotes explains how public officials, planners, and community stakeholders can use their influence over land use and development to support an equitable distribution of community benefits.
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    • Planning and Fair Housing

      PAS QuickNotes 66
      by: David Morley, AICP
      This edition of PAS QuickNotes provides an overview of local fair housing obligations under federal law and highlights three specific strategies for expanding fair housing access through local land-use policy.
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