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    • Food Access Research Atlas

      by: Michele Ver Ploeg
      This interactive map uses supermarket accessibility data to show which census tracts are low access at different distances.
    • PolicyMap

      This interactive map allows users to visualize demographic, income, housing, lending, quality of life, economic, education, health, and other variables nationally.
    • The California Healthy Places Index

      This interactive map visualizes a Healthy Places Index score, which combines 25 community characteristics, for the state of California.
    • Environmental Justice Atlas

      by: Leah Temper, Joan Martinez Alier, Daniel Del Bene
      This interactive map records global environmental justice conflicts.

      This interactive map includes 11 environmental indicators, 6 demographic indicators, and 11 environmental justice (EJ) indexes.
    • Urban Displacement Project

      These interactive maps of New York, Portland, Southern California, and the San Francisco Bay Area show the process of gentrification and displacement.
    • JusticeMap

      by: Aaron Kreider
      This interactive map contains national race and income data from the US Census Bureau.
    • The Racial Dot Map

      July 2013
      by: Dustin Cable
      This interactive map displays one dot per person at the census block level from the 2010 Census and color codes these dots based on race and ethnicity.
    • Mapping Displacement Pressures in Chicago

      This interactive map classifies Chicago neighborhoods as high-risk, moderate-risk, or low-risk for displacement.
    • The Los Angeles Indices of Neighborhood Change

      This interactive map displays an Index of Displacement Pressure and an Index of Neighborhood Change in Los Angeles.
    • Mapping America's Rental Housing Crisis

      April 2017
      by: Erika Poethig, Liza Getsinger, Josh Leopold
      This interactive map belongs to the Affordable Housing Programs and Social Equity collections.

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