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    • Baltimore, MD, City Code

      Updated October 2021
      These regulations belong to the Complete Streets, Home Occupations, Inclusionary Housing, Rethinking Off-Street Parking Requirements, Social Equity, Transit-Oriented Development, Urban Agriculture, and Zoning Reform and Code Writing collections.
    • Atlanta, GA, Code of Ordinances

      Updated August 2021
      This regulation belongs to the Affordable Housing Programs, Active Transportation, Content-Neutral Sign Regulation, Food Trucks, Green Building, Shared Mobility, Social Equity, and Transfer of Development Rights collections.
    • Federal Way, WA, Code of Ordinances

      Updated July 2019
      The city’s codified ordinances establish a diversity commission to advise the city council and staff on the needs of culturally diverse communities.
    • Newark, NJ, Environmental Justice and Cumulative Impact Ordinance

      Adopted July 2016
      The city’s ordinance amends the zoning and land use regulations to include an Environmental Justice and Cumulative Impacts chapter.
    • Northampton, MA, Municipal Code

      Updated September 2021
      This regulation belongs to the Farmland Protection, Social Equity, and Urban Livestock collections.
    • Minneapolis, MN, Code of Ordinances

      Updated November 2021
      This regulation belongs to the Accessory Dwelling Units, Active Transportation, Affordable Housing Programs, Built Environment and Health, Food Trucks, Green Building, Group Housing, Residential Infill Development, Rethinking Off-Street Parking Requirements, Shared Mobility, Social Equity, Solar Energy, Urban Agriculture, and Urban Livestock collections.
    • Seattle, WA, Municipal Code

      Updated July 2023
      This regulation belongs to 19 different Research KnowledgeBase collections, ranging from Accessory Dwelling Units to Urban Livestock.

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