Albany, CA, Climate Action Plan

Albany, CA

The city's Climate Action Plan's Buildings and Energy Strategy lists renewable energy use, including solar energy, as an important part of the city's climate strategies. The plan lists several solar-related objectives and measures, including installing cost-effective renewable energy systems on all city buildings (Meas. BE-1.1); retrofitting existing buildings to maximize use of solar energy (Obj. BE-2), including community outreach and financing efforts (Meas. BE-2.1, 2.2); and solar energy EnPowerment district development (Meas. BE-2.4).

Taxonomy Master Topics: Solar Energy Policy
Region: Pacific
Population Density: >5,000/square mile
Population Range: <25K
Type of Place: City
Solar Practice: Supports Accessory Solar Energy Use
Tool Type: Sustainability Plan, Energy Plan, Climate Plan
Topic: Energy