Albany, NY, Municipal Code

Updated April 2017

By: City of Albany Division of Planning

Solar Energy

The city's zoning ordinance permits accessory solar energy systems by right in all districts and provides standards for these uses. The code defines a number of solar energy-related terms (§375-6.B) and recognizes solar energy and solar access as valid public rights and a priority of the city's sustainability agenda, permitting solar energy systems as accessory uses in all districts subject to standards (§375-3-6.b). It also provides placement standards for rooftop systems in residential districts; systems in neighborhood commercial districts require planning staff review and systems in historic districts require a certificate of appropriateness (§375-5-19). The code also provides standards for ground-mounted systems in all districts, which also require planning staff review (§375-3-6.b-A). Building-integrated solar is permitted in all districts (§375-3-6.b-E). If systems are nonfunctioning for 12 consecutive months, they must be removed (§375-3-6.b).

Albany, NY

2010 Population: 97,856

2010 Population Density: 4,575.28/square mile