Albany, NY, Municipal Code

Albany, NY

The city's zoning ordinance includes a section on solar energy equipment (Sec. 375-93). The section defines a number of solar energy-related terms (Sec. 375-93.A) and recognizes solar energy and solar access as valid public rights and a priority of the city's sustainability agenda, permitting solar energy systems as accessory uses in all districts subject to standards (Sec. 375-93.B). The code provides placement standards for rooftop systems in residential districts; systems in neighborhood commercial districts require planning staff review and systems in historic districts require a certificate of appropriateness (Sec. 375-93.C). The code also provides standards for ground-mounted systems in all districts, which also require planning staff review (Sec. 375-93.E). Building-integrated solar is permitted in all districts (Sec. 375-93.F). If systems are nonfunctioning for 12 consecutive months, they must be removed (Sec. 375-93.H).

Taxonomy Master Topics: Solar Energy Policy
Region: Middle Atlantic
Population Density: 3,000-4,999/square mile
Type of Place: City
Solar Practice: Supports Accessory Solar Energy Use
Tool Type: Development Regulations
Topic: Energy