Broward County, FL, Code of Ordinances

Updated October 2021

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Farmland Protection

The county’s code of ordinances addresses farmland protection by establishing a planned development district intended to protect agricultural uses. The Planned Agricultural Center district allows clustering of residential units to encourage the retention of agricultural uses within planned developments (§39-340).

Grayfields Reuse and Redevelopment

The county’s code of ordinances outlines Broward County’s Commercial Redevelopment Overlay District which is intended to reverse an area’s economic decline. Qualifying areas might have 10% of their buildings occupied by nonconforming uses, a substantial vacancy rate, or a deteriorating aesthetic. Redevelopment incentives include the following: parking requirements are reduced 50% (with conditions), pervious area requirements are reduced 20%, accessory structures may encroach into required yards, fees are reduced 50%, and local government will assist in locating financing (§39-301).

Solar Energy

The county’s code of ordinances provides standards to remove barriers to and encourage the installation of rooftop PV systems within the county (§39-109). Rooftop PV systems are permitted accessory equipment in all zoning districts, but must not exceed roof lines in height or be higher than 5' above flat roofs. However, county permits for PV systems do not override restrictive private covenants, nor do they create a right of solar access.

Broward, FL

2010 Population: 1,748,066

2010 Population Density: 1,444.94/square mile