Easthampton, MA, Zoning Ordinance

Updated June 2019

By: City of Easthampton Town


Table of Contents

Home Occupations

The city’s zoning code distinguishes between high- and low-intensity home occupations.

It permits low-intensity “minor” home occupations by right, subject to use-specific standards (§10.42.1). It allows high-intensity “major” home occupations with a discretionary use permit, subject to use-specific standards (§10.42.2).

All home occupations must comply with residency, location and space, storage and display, sales, sign and advertising, dwelling modification, lighting, hazardous materials, parking, traffic, and overnight parking standards (§10.43).

Non-resident employee, parking, traffic generation, customer/client visitation, and delivery standards differ between the two use designations (§§10.44 & 10.45).

Solar Energy

The city's zoning ordinance permits small solar energy facilities (less than 100 kW) by right in all districts, and large solar energy systems (commercial systems of greater than 100 kW) with special permits in all districts (Table 5-1). It addresses solar energy facilities, providing definitions, general requirements, design standards, safety and environmental standards, and monitoring and maintenance and abandonment or decommissioning requirements (§7.3).

Easthampton Town, MA

2010 Population: 16,053

2010 Population Density: 1,204.37/square mile