Greenville, MI, Code of Ordinances

Updated September 2020

By: City of Greenville, MI

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solar energy

The city's zoning code includes supplemental standards for solar energy systems to promote their use in the city and protect adjacent properties from incompatible effects (§46-102). The code defines "solar energy system" and "solar access." Solar energy systems are permitted in all districts as accessory uses but principal use systems are prohibited. Standards address system heights and placements for roof- and ground-mounted systems. Solar energy system permits do not confer protection of solar rights.

In the industrial district, industrial plants manufacturing wind or solar energy systems are permitted by right (§46-161.b.1.h).

Urban Agriculture

The city's zoning code addresses urban agriculture. It was amended in 2010 to permit community gardens as a primary use in all zoning districts with a special use permit, though gardens on land with an established principal use are accessory uses and not subject to these requirement (§46-100).

The code lists application requirements, which include a brief description of the use and a site plan sketch, as well as development and operating requirements, which address hours of use, accessory structures, setbacks, fencing, composting, lighting and sales, vehicle access, noise, and cessation of use.

Greenville, MI

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