Howard County, MD, PlanHoward 2030

Amended May 2017


Solar Energy

This Energy Resources Section of this plan includes a policy to develop an energy plan that promotes energy conservation and renewable resources. Implementing actions for this policy include education and outreach, a review of development regulations, a study of development regulations and infrastructure policy scenarios, implementation of the county's climate action plan, partnering with businesses, fleet and facility greening, and an exploration of energy market factors (Policy 4.12).

The Energy Resources Section also includes a photo of a solar installation with a caption noting that many county facilities contain "solar panel demonstration projects" that "save energy and promote sustainability" (p. 44).

The plan contains "green tips" as sidebars. One of these sidebars simply recommends installing solar panels to aid in home heating (p. 146).

Howard, MD

2010 Population: 287,085

2010 Population Density: 1,144.95/square mile