North Kingstown, RI, Revised Ordinances

Updated September 2020


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Solar Energy

In the town's zoning ordinance, an article on Planned Unit Development addresses solar. The ordinance offers a density bonus of 10 percent in exchange for certain standards, including the provision of solar access ensured by deed restrictions to at least 40 percent of the dwelling units in the development; buildings and vegetation must be sited to allow solar access to south walls and rooftops, and various criteria including street, lot, and building orientations will also be considered in determining proper site design for solar energy systems (§21-487(m)(4)).

Urban Agriculture

The town’s zoning ordinance addresses urban agriculture. The section on conservation developments specifies agricultural uses as permitted uses within the open space of conservation subdivisions (§21-217). The open space within the conservation development may be conveyed to the town for park, open space, or agricultural uses, or may remain in private ownership if use is limited to agriculture, habitat, or forestry and private ownership is necessary for the preservation and management of these resources (§21-218).

North Kingstown, RI

2010 Population: 26,486

2010 Population Density: 613.97/square mile