Palm Desert, CA, Comprehensive General Plan

Adopted November, 2016

By: City of Palm Desert Cmty Dev
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Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Solar  Energy

Environmentally Sensitive Areas

The city’s comprehensive plan includes an open space and habitat conservation component that aims to preserve biological resources. Protective measures address ridges, rock outcroppings, natural drainage courses, wetlands, riparian areas, and steep topography. Policy recommendations include water conservation strategies, promoting an open space network, and implementing buffers for new development.

solar  energy

The city's General Plan includes an Energy and Mineral Resources Element that addresses state legislation applicable to energy like The State Solar Rights Act and Solar Shade Control Act (p. IV-64). It details local renewable energy resources including solar energy (p. IV-70). The Element provides goals, policies, and programs related to solar energy which include: Policy 2 : Promote the integration of alternative energy systems, including but not limited to solar thermal, photovoltaic and other clean energy systems, directly into building design and construction (p. IV-73). Program 2.A: The City shall collect and make available to residents, businesses, and the building industry information on commercially available conservation technologies, solar thermal and photovoltaic energy systems, fuel cell and other alternative energy technology. Building regulations and guidelines that provide for the safe and efficient installation of these systems shall also be provided (p. IV-73). Program 2.B: The City shall proactively promote and coordinate with CVAG, its member jurisdictions and others in the holding of workshops on the use of alternative energy and the local development of associated industries in the Coachella Valley (p. IV-74). Policy 4: Support public and private efforts to develop and operate alternative systems of wind, solar and other electrical production, which take advantage of local renewable resources (p. IV-74).

Palm Desert, CA

2010 Population: 48,445

2010 Population Density: 1,806.98/square mile