Port St. Lucie, FL, Code of Ordinances

Updated October 2020

By: City of Port St. Lucie

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solar energy

The city's zoning code contains supplementary use regulations for solar energy (§158.230). Solar generation station provisions include restricted physical access, location outside of wetlands and environmentally sensitive areas, 50 foot setbacks, compliance with landscaping requirements, and underground on-site power lines when possible (§158.230.A). Solar energy systems are subject to the following provisions: solar panels installed on roofs are exempt from building height requirements and shall be located 2 feet from the roof edge, ground or pole mounted systems shall be limited to 10 feet in height and may be located no closer than 6 feet to any side lot line and 10 feet to any rear lot line, cannot be located in front or side corner yards in most instances, can be co-located on communication towers, underground power lines required, modifications allowed within PUD project. Applicants can apply for a waiver. Solar energy system approval does not create an easement and owners cannot infer or claim rights to protective writs to any caused shadows or operating ineffectiveness against future development adjacent to or higher than the property location of the solar energy system (§158.230.B).

Roof mounted solar energy systems are excluded from height limits (§158.215).

Solar energy systems are allowed as an accessory use in the RE, RS-1 through RS-23 SF residential zoning districts (§158.217).

The ordinance defines solar access, solar energy system, and solar generation station (§153.01).

Solar generation stations may be permitted as a special exception use in the IN, U, and GU zoning districts (§158.136 and §158.137 and §158.060).

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