Adel, IA, Urban Revitalization Plan Handbook

Adel, IA

Solar Energy

The city has established the Adel Criteria, a green building program for new construction and redevelopment to meet eligibility requirements for its urban revitalization plan and tax abatement program. Elements include Smart Site Location: Passive Solar Heating/Cooling (2.1); Renewable Energy (4.10); and Photovoltaic (PV) Ready (4.11).

Format: Knowledgebase Resource
Topic: Energy
Population Range: <25K
Population Density: 1,000-2,999/square mile
Region: West North Central
Taxonomy Master Topics: Solar Energy Policy
Tool Type: Design Guidelines
Solar Practice: Supports Accessory Solar Energy Use
Supports Solar Access Protections
Supports Solar-Ready Homes
Type of Place: City