Fort Collins, CO, City Plan

Adopted April 2019

By: City of Fort Collins
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Table of Contents

Age-Friendly Communities

The city’s comprehensive plan explicitly addresses the needs of older adults. Policy LIV 6.5 states that housing options will facilitate aging-in-place (p. 43). The Equity in Transportation section discusses how the city will address the transportation needs of specific populations, including older adults (p. 198).

Capital Improvements Programming

The city’s comprehensive plan emphasizes the importance of capital improvements programming to plan implementation. Its Principles and Policies element recommends developing a multiyear plan for capital improvements and updating it annually, funding capital projects with a "pay-as-you-go" philosophy, and identifying project funding at the time of approval (Policy LIV 1.5). And it recommends updating the capital improvements plan every two years in coordination with the budget process and states that it should include both a 25-year horizon and a five- to six-year horizon (Policy T 2.2). The plan also contains a Transportation Master Plan element that discusses the city's approach to capital improvements planning (p. 170).

Community Visioning

This city's comprehensive plan presents a main vision statement based on three core values: Livability, Community, and Sustainability (p. 16).

Comprehensive Planning

This city's comprehensive plan with a strong community vision is organized around seven outcome areas:

  • Neighborhood Livability and Social Health
  • Culture and Recreation
  • Economic Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Safe Community
  • Transportation
  • High Performing Community 

The plan includes elements that address Vision and Values, Principles and Policies, Structure (physical form), Transportation Master Plan, and Implementation and Monitoring.

Social Equity

The city’s comprehensive plan lays out a policy framework with the core values of Livability, Community, and Sustainability that inform seven outcome areas. Principles and policies in the areas of Neighborhood Livability and Social Health, Culture and Recreation, and High Performing Community, as well as Principles SC 4, T 5, and T 9, most directly address equity.

Solar Energy 

This comprehensive plan's Principles and Policies element includes a number of solar-supportive policy recommendations, including multiple policies related to transitioning from fossil to renewable-energy systems (Principle ENV 3) and encouraging solar orientation (Policy LIV 9.4). Its Structure Plan element recommends integrating solar energy systems into all built forms.

Fort Collins, CO

2010 Population: 143,986

2010 Population Density: 2,652.80/square mile