Olympia, WA, Municipal Code

Updated February 2023

By: City of Olympia Cmty Plng & Dev

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Table of Contents

Accessory Dwelling Units

Grayfields Reuse and Redevelopment

Tree Preservation and the Urban Forest

Accessory Dwelling Units

This city’s code allows for accessory dwelling units in all residential districts. It provides requirements for ADUs including for location, size, and occupancy (§18.04.060.A).

Grayfields Reuse and Redevelopment

The city's municipal code requires that large scale retail buildings be designed to subdivide and accommodate multiple tenants (with specific sizes). Facades and landscaping must adapt to multiple new entrances on at least two sides of the building. Sidewalks and loading docks must be placed to accommodate multiple tenants (§18.06.100.C.5).

Tree Preservation and the Urban Forest

The city’s municipal code includes multiple sections that establish tree preservation, planting, and maintenance requirements for public and private property.

Its tree, soil, and native vegetation protection and replacement code addresses the creation of a city tree account, soil and vegetation plans, tree removal permit procedures, soil and vegetation plan review standards, tree density requirements, tree protection during construction, tree maintenance, variances, appeals, enforcement, liabilities, the roles and responsibilities of the urban forester, and standards for specimen tree evaluation (§16.60).

Its public trees code addresses tree planting, tree pruning and maintenance, tree removal, penalties, and variance and appeals processes (§16.58).

Its landmark tree protection code addresses landmark tree registration, landmark tree removal, exceptions, and enforcement (§16.56).

Its street tree code addresses tree variety, spacing, and pruning (§12.44).

Olympia, WA

2010 Population: 46,478

2010 Population Density: 2,608.05/square mile