Broward County, FL, Climate Change Action Plan

Broward County, FL

solar energy

The county's Climate Change Action Plan lays out a number of recommendations for addressing climate change. One high-ranked goal and action is to develop renewable and alternative energy programs to reduce dependence on oil through supporting financial tools and other actions to expand renewable energy use and solar power generation from residential, commercial, and municipal properties and developing permitting fee incentives for these installations (p. 8; Goal RA-2 and Action RA-2.1, p. 36-37). The plan also sets a related low-ranked action of developing a 2-year pilot program to train students in solar equipment installation (Action RA-2.2, p. E-9).

Knowledgebase Resource Categories: Functional Plan
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Taxonomy Master Topics: Solar Energy Policy
Region: South Atlantic
Population Density: 1,000-2,999/square mile
Population Range: 250K+
Type of Place: County
Solar Practice: Supports Accessory Solar Energy Use
Tool Type: Sustainability Plan, Energy Plan, Climate Plan
Topic: Energy