Goodyear, AZ, Design Guidelines Manual

Adopted June 2014
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solar energy

The city's design guidelines encourage site designs that facilitate solar energy use for new residential subdivisions (Ch. 2, Sec. 3.A.(1)(j)).

These guidelines also encourage rooftop solar energy systems for new single-family homes (Ch. 2, Sec. 3.B.(2)(b)7), multifamily buildings and parking lot shade structures (Ch. 3, Sec. 3.A.(2)(g)), commercial parking structures (Ch. 4, Sec.2.D.(5)), commercial buildings and parking lot shade structures (Ch. 4, Sec. 3.B.(11)), and employment/industrial buildings and parking lot shade structures (Ch. 5, Sec. 7.A.(12)(g)).

These guidelines also include design guidelines for rooftop solar energy systems to ensure compatibility with surrounding properties. Specific provisions address placement locations and the color of equipment (Ch. 2, Sec. 3.C).

Goodyear, AZ

2010 Population: 65,275

2010 Population Density: 340.90/square mile