Knoxville, TN, Code of Ordinances

Updated August 2019

By: City of Knoxville
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Accessory Dwelling Units

The city's zoning code permits one internal, attached, or detached accessory dwelling unit (ADU) by right in association with any single-family dwelling (§10.3.B). Use-specific standards address building code conformity, owner occupancy, adequancy of utilities, minimum lot area, setbacks for detached ADUs, maximum floor area and number of bedrooms, appearance, and parking.

Downtown Revitalization

The city’s codified ordinances authorize the creation of a special assessment district to coordinate downtown revitalization efforts and include a special downtown design overlay district.

The city’s administrative code establishes a Central Business Improvement District to manage downtown revitalization initiatives  (§2-1071 et seq.). It defines the geographic boundaries of this district (§2-1073), authorizes a nonprofit district management corporation to administer the functions of the district (§2-1080), outlines the programs and projects the corporation is authorized to administer (§2-1074), outlines the general powers of the corporation (§2-1077), and allows for the levying of special assessments (§2-1075 and §2-1076) for improvements, services, projects and other permitted uses.

The city’s zoning code includes a Downtown Design Overlay district to establish a design review process for downtown development (Appendix B §5.5).

Residential Infill Development

The city’s zoning code authorizes the establishment of residential overlays to protect established neighborhoods from incompatible infill development (Appendix B §5.4). Under these provisions, the regional planning agency, the city’s elected leadership, or a majority of property owners can petition for an Infill Housing Overlay District designation. Once applied, all new development is subject to design review and requires a certificate of appropriateness.

Solar Energy

The city's zoning regulations permit accessory solar energy systems under 10' in height to encroach on required setbacks in form districts (Sec. 4.03.E.2.b).

Knoxville, TN

2010 Population: 178,874

2010 Population Density: 1,815.59/square mile