Montgomery County, MD, Germantown Urban Design Guidelines

Montgomery County, MD

Solar Energy

These design guidelines written for the Germantown Employment Area Sector Plan emphasize sustainable building design principles, including solar. Guidelines for building massing and height include designing for solar orientation (p. 20). Guidelines for building rooftops call for incorporating green technologies, including solar panels, on roofs (p. 22). Guidelines for the environment call for green buildings that incorporate energy efficiency measures, including solar panels (p. 24).

Topic: Energy
Solar Practice: Supports Accessory Solar Energy Use
Supports Solar Siting
Type of Place: County
Population Range: 250K+
Population Density: 1,000-2,999/square mile
Tool Type: Subarea Plan
Design Guidelines
Format: Knowledgebase Resource
Knowledgebase Resource Categories: Guide
Jurisdiction: County
Region: South Atlantic
Taxonomy Master Topics: Solar Energy Policy